Suite à un message laissé par une ancienne stagiaire sur ce forum, voici le mail que la directrice de l'association (celle la même qui m'a fait passer un entretien téléphonique) a envoyé au responsable du forum (je vous laisse apprécier) :

Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 6:48 PM
Subject: About posted comments

To the Authorities,

By this email, we want to comunicate the fact that we know that in your
blog, a person has made negative comments about our organization.

The declarations made by that person have been presented in front of the
argentinian justice and a judge has considered that this person has
commited a criminal offence of diffamation and insults, and of
manipulation of the information of our organization.
For the reasons stated, this person is considered as a crimial waiting to
complete his sentence.

We know that your organization does not accept comments from a criminal,
so we ask you to remove the information from your blog.

If you do not remove that information, made in a cowardly manner,
anonymously, we will be obligated to continue our legal claims against
you, calling for the protection of international laws that exist
concerning the traffic of information on the internet.

Our daily work has an objective of better understanding between cultures,
and for this point in particular, we want to remind you of the chart of
United Nations that has been signed by representatives of our countries
with the objective of assuring and promoting the fundamental rights of men
and women, in dignity and in value of the human being, in equality of
rights between men and women, and of nations, big and small.

If liberty of expression is a preocupation for you, as it is for us,
respecting the rights of the ones who are harmed by crimes made by people
without scruples, should also be preoccupying to you.

To continue defending the comments in question would be acting as an
accomplice in the crime of that person.

Once again, we ask you to remove from your blog the bad comments that
offend and harm our organization and our beneficiaries.

Awaiting your response,

Miss Carolina Laurens

Director of Institutional Development